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The quality of Ansol solder sticks / bar is the best as compared to the other solder brands. Ansol solder bar is made with the extrusion and vacuum processwhich conforms to a uniform alloy composition resulting in consistent and reliable quality. This process eliminates the contamination of metallic oxides and virtually drives out all sulphides,nonmetallic inclusion and other possible contaminations.

In other solder bars the oxides can build up on the surfaces of molten solder to a brownish black mass which is called dross. But becauseof the special metal treatment done during manufacturing process, the surface of ANSOL solder alloy remains glossy in appearance for a longer time which results in less dross formation during wave soldering at the customer end.

ANSOL manufactures many compositions of Lead Free Solder Sticks which are listed below with their properties and recommended application.

Sn95.5/Ag4.0/Cu0.5 217-218 37 Used in electronic , electrical and components
Sn96.5/Ag3.0/Cu0.5 217-219 37 Eutectic alloy. Suitable forall types of pcbs. Excellent soldering results in wave soldering and good SMT process
Sn99/Ag0.3/Cu0.7 225-227 25 Most common solder alloy suitable for soldering of multilayer , PTH and single sided pcbs. Used in wave, dip and HAL soldering applications
Sn99.7/Ag0.3 225   Replenishment alloy of Sn99/Ag0.3/Cu0.7 to stabilize copper in solder bath
Sn99.2/Cu0.6/Ag0.1 217-228 32 Low silver contents . 
Sn99.3/Cu0.7 227 28 General purpose lead free alloy for soldering of electrical / electronics components and pcbs
Sn99.0/Cu1.0 227 32 Best suitable for electricals and metal components
Sn95/Sb5 236-243 35.2 Special alloy for automobile industry
Sn80/Zn20 200   For aluminium soldering applications 

Lead Free Solder Stick/bar- Sn99.3Cu0.7

Brand Ansol
Melting Point 227-260℃
Application Used in electronic and electrical components General purpose lead free alloy for soldering of electrical / electronics components and pcbs
Chemical Composition
Ave Sn / 99.1 Pb / 0.247 Sb / 0.007 Cu / 0.723 Ag / 0.0005 Cd / 0.0078 In / 0.0030 Zn / 0.0012
Ave Bi / 0.0048 < As / 0.0040 AI / 0.0006 Fe / 0.0565 Ni / 0.0016 Co / 0.0011 Au / 0.0017 Ga / 0.0003
Ave < Hg / 0.0020 Se / 0.0004