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Brand Ansol
Composition Sn60Pb40
Type of flux RA
Melting Point 186℃
Conduct heat(J/m•s•K) 50
Density (25℃) 8.4
Application Sn60Pb40 leaded solder wire can be used in the electronics,copper plate, semiconductor, Hard disk drive,Optics-electronic, LCD, IC, SMT, PCB, Medical field and biotech industries.

Solder Wire Sn55Pb45

Brand Ansol
Composition Sn45Pb55
Type of flux RA
Melting Point 183 - 227ºC
Application solder wire is the most popular leaded option for general purpose . It's a versatile solder that can be used for Electrical,radio, and other industrial applications. Comprised of 45% tin and 55% lead, it's a user-friendly option due to its great solder flow and low melting point.